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Fundraising Partnerships - Our Commitment

Little Box Bakery supporting Parent - Teacher Associations and Schools

Always putting children at the centre of our business means supporting them in learning at home and at school. 

By helping PTAs buy whatever is needed to give the children in their school’s opportunities for development means we can support our mission to encourage children’s skills and development for a better future.

Little Box Bakery donates £3.00 (20%) for every baking kit bought through the PTA School affilliate scheme. Once the PTA, School or Nursery has been signed up, the scheme is super simple to use. 

Please contact for further details and other fundraising partnerships including Kids Clubs.

From The Little Box Bakery Team - "Always Baking with Love."

Little Box Bakery - The Beginning

The creation of our Premium Baking Activity Kits

Little Box Bakery was created by our Co-founders, Steven and Jane.

Steven first learnt to cook with his Nan at the age of 6. By the age of 11 Steven knew he wanted to become a chef and left school at 16 pursuing his dream. Steven worked for 14 years in 1, 2 and 3 * Michelin restaurants and then went on to set up his own cookery school.

From as young as 3 years old Jane would bake with her Mum and pretend she was a presenter on TV teaching other children how to bake. She has always been into anything creative so it was a natural path for her to go to art school and then study Design at University. She has spent most of her career working in UK food retail developing and strategically directing packaging and design for large retail brands. 

Steven, Jane and the team focused on a gap in the market for Premium Baking Kits for kids with a difference, and Little Box Bakery was created and launched.

Why Our Team Matter

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our team is made up of a chef, nutritionist, a sustainability and packaging professional, and design proferssionals specialising in the food industry. All of our team have at least 15 years experience in their specialist fields to bring the best possible products.

We have the same professional and personal values to make a difference to people and the planet. We want our little star bakers to learn new skills, not be afraid of the kitchen and have a positive relationship with food. But most importantly have a lot of fun along the way.


Our commitment to being a sustainable brand means we are members of the On-pack Recycling Label. The OPRL labels are the number one recognisable label in the UK that helps people understand how to recycle their packaging. For lots more of the latest information about recycling you can visit their website - its really interesting!

Our Boxes

Our boxes are 100% recyclable and are made with cardboard that comes from sustainable sources. It is FCS certified, this means it comes from forests that are well managed to ensure no damage is caused to the people and wildlife who call them home. Our boxes are also super strong, so we'd love it if you re-use them. Repost the boxes or use them to store all the activities and record cards... or other things important to you.

How about using your box as a backdrop for photos of your Little Box Bakery bakes, you can upload them to the @mylittleboxbakery Instagram account and share on Facebook too.

Our Pouches

Our Little Box Bakery pouches are 100% recyclable. Not all councils will collect flexible plastics, but your local supermarkets offer carrier bag recycling points, so just pop your pouches in with them so they can be recycled.

We made a decision not use to compostable plastic, this is because the UK currently does not have the infrastructure to deal with compostable plastics. Compostable plastics are designed to break down in very specific composting conditions which include a very high temperature which we just don't have in the UK.