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We believe

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Our Approach

The Little Box Bakery team are dedicated to sustainable living. The baking kits are zero waste; everything included in the kit is totally reusable or recyclable. We are sure you enjoy the treats so much there will be none left.

Our ingredients meet the same super high standards too.

We hope that the Little Box Bakery Commitment to the environment shows that being planet kind is pretty easy when we think about it a little.

Our Pouches

Our Little Box Bakery pouches are 100% recyclable. Not all councils will collect flexible plastics, but your local supermarkets offer carrier bag recycling points, so just pop your pouches in with them so they can be recycled.

We made a decision not use to compostable plastic, this is because we currently don’t have the infrastructure in the UK to deal with compostable plastic. They are designed to break down in very specific composting conditions which include a very high temperature which we just don't have in the UK.

Our Boxes

Our boxes are 100% recyclable and are made with cardboard that comes from sustainable sources. It is FCS certified, this means it comes from forests that are well managed to ensure no damage is caused to the people and wildlife who call them home. Our boxes are also super strong, so we'd love it if you re-use them. Repost the boxes or use them to store all the activities and record cards... or other things important to you.

How about using your box as a backdrop for photos of your Little Box Bakery bakes, you can upload them to the #mylittleboxbakery Instagram account and share on Facebook too.


Our commitment to being a sustainable brand means we are members of the On-pack Recycling Label. The OPRL labels are the number one recognisable label in the UK that helps people understand how to recycle their packaging. For lots more of the latest information about recycling you can visit their website - its really interesting!


Our team is made up of a chef, nutrionist, a sustainability and packaging professional and an expert in consumer insights and trends. We have the same professional and personal values to make a difference to people and the planet. We want our little star bakers to learn new skills, not be afraid of the kitchen and have a positive relationship with food. But most importantly have a lot of fun along the way.